Frequently Asked Questions

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General inquiries


General inquiries

Common questions that are asked

What flag does the yacht need to be registered under?

The Yacht will utilise the Maltese Flag under the Maltese Shipping Registry.

Can lease be done using a flag other than the Maltese one?


Can the client keep his/ her existing crew?

Yes, certainly. AB | Finance would need to vet crew members so as to ensure proper care for the yacht.

Does the yacht need to be delivered to Malta at the beginning of the lease?

Yes it does. The yacht must be in Malta at both the beginning and end of the lease contract.

How long does the Due Diligence process take?

AB | Finance seeks to complete all procedures within 15 days of receipt of requested documentation.


Common questions that are asked

Are non-EU nationals eligible?

Yes. Ab | Finance requires that the yacht is kept in the Mediterranean for the duration of the lease.

Can the yacht be used for chartering purposes?

Yes it can. AB | Finance requires that all relevant documentation and proof of activity is provided as and when requested.

May the yacht be leased through a legal entity?