A comprehensive approach to yacht leasing

AB|Finance is a member of the Azimut Benetti group, incorporated to assist in financing acquisitions of Azimut yachts.


What we do

We help you finance and purchase the yacht of your dreams.

The company will offer finance to customers to assist in the initial purchase of the vessel and shall contribute up to 50% of the purchase price net of taxes.


All yachts based and navigating solely in the Mediterranean Sea.

Clients prevailing from the following 3 Regions:

1. Northern Europe
2. Southern Europe
3. CIS & other Clients

50 %

over five years

A comprehensive approach to yacht leasing

How to Get a Loan

An overview of the process.

Loan Calculator
Request a Quote

We require the value of the yacht, the term of the lease, home port and nationality of the client.

KYC & Due Dilligence

On acceptance of our preliminary quote, a non-exhaustive list of documentation shall be requested to be submitted to our compliance and credit board for review and evaluation.

Term Sheet Issued

Should the result of the previous process be successful, a formal offer will be issued in the form of a lease term sheet for your acceptance.


A deposit for yacht in question is paid to the manufacturer.

Contract Signed & Formalities Executed

Lease contract is signed by the client and AB Finance, including the registration of the vessel and a respective mortgage on the same vessel, together with the relevant undertakings due as per the term sheet issued and contract signed.

Finance Granted

On successful conclusion of the above, AB Finance will proceed to make balance payment for the successful delivery of the vessel which is commissioned and formally registered under the Malta flag where the vessel is put at the disposal of the customer to commence their lease and enjoyment of the vessel.

Found the boat of your dreams?

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